Stuart W. Bedford
After escaping into horror as an awkward teenager, Stuart found a home in the genre upon graduating from film school in 2007 and directing his first short film Survivor. A passionate student of genre, structure and convention, Stuart has an all-consuming desire to create great stories, told well.
Stuart Jopia
From an early age Stu knew that he was destined to create stories. With horror being the genre of choice. Watching 80's movies as a kid has created an ever expanding story world where he can escape the terrors of the real world. Now a visceral and talented emerging writer/producer.
Giovanni Gentille
Executive Producer/Producer/Actor
The final piece of the 2HS puzzle, Giovanni joined as a primary financier for Good Tidings, quickly becoming an essential part of the team. Gio's flair for business adds the credibility to the company's business side, and is almost solely responsible for Good Tidings' North American and Canadian release.
Shane de Almeida
Director of Photography
Shane de Almeida is a Director of Photography based in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom, with an abundance of experience working on both film and digital systems. He has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Film making from the New York Film Academy.
Andy Savage
SFX Supervisor
Andy is one of the most dedicated and hard-working people in the independent film industry. Adaptable, inventive and skilled, Andy's FX work is second to none and the 2HS boys are beyond honoured to have him as part of the regular team.
Stuart Ankers
Since graduating in 2013 with a BSc Creative Music Technology degree from Staffordshire University Stuart has secured roles in both production and post-production for short and feature films. He is constantly working on an ever-growing personal sound library as well experimenting with sound design techniques and skills.
Anita Thomas
Head of Costume
A talented Liverpool based fashion designer, Anita was handpicked by the 2HS team as Head of Costume. Her first gig in the industry, Anita quickly proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team, going above and beyond her role in every capacity.
Jessica Waring
Head of Make-Up
Jessica Waring is a talented and dedicated MUA, currently emerging from training. 2HS were quick to snap her up and her skill and speed were invaluable to the making of Good Tidings.
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