Good Tidings - Red Title - Transparent Background

“You all need to see Good Tidings!! Rating 8/10” – Jordan Royce (editor) – Starburstmagazine.co.uk

“This is indie filmmaking with tons of heart. You can feel it beating heavily throughout.”TheSlaughteredBird.com

“You won’t find a better British seasonal horror film this year. Strap on in and let the slay ride begin.”FastForwardReviews.co.uk

“There’s so much for horror fans to love in Good Tidings.”UKHorrorScene.com

“Bedford, along with Giovanni Gentile and Stu Jopia are becoming quite the names to keep your eyes upon, and with Good Tidings, these guys have truly arrived.” – Horrormovies.ca

“Good Tidings reminds me of a twisted version of Home Alone”Hellhorror.com

“It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s low budget, but DAMN is it fun to take in!!”Dreadcentral.com

“Destined to be a cult favourite for many years.”Horrorcultfilms.co.uk

“Good Tidings’ Is The Perfect Creepy Christmas Movie (Besides Tim Burton’s)Moviepilot.com

“One of the best holiday slashers we’ve seen!!”Darkveins.com

“If you like Killer Santas, likable heroes, brutal kills and badass scores, I highly recommend Good Tidings.”Pophorror.com

“Packing a serious punch and providing another annual horror film that’s worth viewing during the holidays.”Moviesleuth.com

“If you like your festive films on the dark side and a little gnarly then this is the movie for you.”Moviesinfocus.com

“It’s Die Hard meets 31 meets Silent Night, Deadly Night.”HorrorTalk.com

“This Christmas slasher should be on everyone’s list this year.”Midnighthorrorshow.com